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Soft Touch IT Infrastructure

We are a professional IT based company which launched initial operations in the mid-end of 2013. It provides IT solutions, innovations and technologies and delivers top quality results that always exceed client expectations. It is a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to providing top-notch IT output. Armed with the latest technology and knowledge on multiple platforms, it is committed to create and deliver excellent quality, user-friendly, cost-effective and client-focused IT solutions to small, medium and large scale companies in Dubai, as well as around the world.


To develop innovative solutions that result in economical and technological growth in the industry. Our team is heavily driven by a passion for technology and an uncompromising commitment to quality. We always take the initiative and responsibility for all our systems and solutions. By constantly challenging ourselves to think outside the box, we deliver innovative solutions for clients all over the world, whose specific needs are our top priority. We have a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to providing quality results. With that said, the company offers an optimal working climate for our team members in which enthusiasm, creativity and results have a central place. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with the clients' business so the business can grow and improve. As the clients' technology partner, when their business grows, ours will grow with them as well, therefore, we work hand in hand with them to support each other's growth.


To become the industry leader and wants to be the ideal choice for our clients by providing continued satisfaction and creating, building and cooperating with our global network of business partners around the world. We aim to be the best of the best in this industry by means of innovative results, technological development and services with the highest level of knowledge and quality.

What we do?

We provide professional IT solutions, conceive and create software tailored to clients' needs. We deliver innovation and technologies that improve and benefit our clients' business. We offer clients comprehensive services, which namely are:

✔ IT Consultancy
✔ Equipment Procurement
✔ Installation
✔ IT Solutions
✔ IT Infrastructure Maintenance
✔ Training
✔ Technical Support & Assistance
✔ IT Project Management
✔ Mobile Application Development
✔ Web Design and Development
✔ Bespoke Software Application Development
We offer variety of products and services to our clients using the latest trends in information technology.

Bespoke Software Application Development. We develop custom software that is intended for specific needs of an organization or other entities using windows as the basic operating system platform driven by our competent and skilled programmers on C# and ASP.NET.


Mobile Application Development. We develop and customize mobile applications for your specific needs in different platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows using the latest tools for mobile application development driven by our skilled professionals.


Web Design & Development. Internet is just a playground for us having competent and skilled professionals knowledgeable on the latest tools available on the web such as PHP, ASP, Javascript libraries, wireframes, frameworks and a lot more. Rest assured you are in good hands.


IT Project Management Having troubles on handling your IT Infrastructure projects? Call and leave everything to us. It will all go smoothly with our skilled professionals having years of experience and expertise on Information Technology. We will guide you in your way.


Training. Tell us what you want and we will give you sufficient knowledge on Information Technology assisted with our skilled professionals that have years of experience on the field. We will provide you a training that you can never imagine. Trust us.


IT Infrastructure Maintenance. Having troubles with your network system, hardware equipments or any software system? Call us and we will provide you manpower to support and maintain your devices with our highly trained professionals.


Technical Support & Assistance. With the existence of phones, messengers and othe communication technologies, we can provide you high quality experience with our technical support staff available 24/7. Set an appointment with us and we will assist you on your way to success.


Equipment Procurement. Having wide connections with our partners across the globe, your equipments are just a doorstep away. Call us and we will provide you high standard devices, tools and equipments that you need with your businesses. We can also customize it if you want. Tell us and we can provide it for you.


IT Solutions. With the existence of the latest technology that has so much to offer, we acquired knowledge, skills and years of experience to develop solutions needed for any type of organization, business and other entities. We can provide variety of selections for your specific needs. Call us today.


Installation Having troubles with your devices, tools or any other equipments? Call us and we will assist you in installing your hardware, software and network systems with our competent and skilled professionals. Your devices are in good hands.

See how we design and develop system softwares and hardware components to our partners and clients across the globe.

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Address: F16, 1st Floor, IT Center Building, AlGhubaiba, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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